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The anti-whaling community around the world has nearly lost the initiative to stop whaling

Before the whalers had free reign to operate like they do today, several organizations like Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace made attempts to disrupt whaling.

After these organizations faced legal action, it was clear that action needed to be taken again, but these groups are banned from approaching certain ships, so they could not act, and when they did, they were fined for doing so, and in short that supported and boosted whaling. It also boosted the whalers moral despite whaling being illegal under international law. This has left a huge gap in direct action anti-whaling campaigns and nearly destroyed decades of work, while enabling whaling to advance much like today’s Coronavirus.

Without action, it will only get worse, and groups that used to monitor will be busy with more, yet smaller campaigns and that will push anti-whaling on a back burner. Monitoring of the ships and public announcements about them are few and far between but these ships are still operating, they are still whaling and no one is there to monitor or stop them. In the end, whales are still dying and we must take action.

Without a doubt, new strategies and actions will be deployed, along with more complex organizational structuring and entities to make legal action much more difficult and costly for the whalers to deploy as a strategy. We must ‘dismantle’ their legal strategy, by carefully planning, writing and developing anti-whaling campaign strategies, that aim to defeat this from the start.

For example, the whalers may target IMMCS to stop it using funds to defend whales, much like what happen to Sea Shepherd, but because much of these funds will be out of direct control of IMMCS and will be ‘granted’ by another organization, it would not interfere with campaign funding. This enables IMMCS to shut down its branches at any time and start anew, even in anticipation of legal action, should this be required. This will make stopping IMMCS more difficult by spreading management, funding/grants, research and development, field and campaign training, logistics and other tasks across a multitude of agencies and organizations, some connected and others not. These have been in development, mostly out of the public eye since 2015. 

The idea here is that with many agencies, organizations and projects, it will be hard to stop the next generation anti-whaling campaigns by creating essentially a legal mess for those that wish to take legal action. By dismantling this capability or tactic for the whalers, we can take action at sea.

To stop whaling, we must be extremely creative and innovative in our approach. If whalers wish to operate closer to their home countries, we’ll deploy more secret assets in defense of wildlife. 

You can essentially view the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society’s structure or approach as a mixture between the government entities the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the United States Navy.

While one side of our organization is geared toward the research and development of counter-poaching tools & equipment, the other side is geared toward enforcing international conservation treaties and providing valuable conservation capabilities on a global scale.

Delivering the M/V Barracuda and its follow on support systems is currently one of the highest priority areas of the organization, as this would enable operations in areas potentially filled with poachers. The vessel would be able to act, despite any amount of ‘security’ poachers may deploy.

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