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How is the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society Different?

Image: © International Marine Mammal Conservation Society/ Michael T. Nordic Whale Defense Campaign 2017

The International Marine Mammal Conservation Society gets asked sometimes how we are different from other marine conservation and anti-poaching organizations. The response to this is fairly simple and we’ve laid out details on how we are different and why we do what we do. 

Most importantly to our mission, we strive to be innovative and offer solutions we find are more suitable to anti-poaching and wildlife conservation, like protecting marine wildlife with new strategies and direct action tactics, conducting wildlife rescue at sea or engaging poachers on the high seas at long range and even developing the latest cutting edge anti-poaching equipment to ensure we can put a stop to illegal activities wherever and whenever.

Most environmental groups and anti-poaching organizations do not have the capabilities today to respond to illegal activities taking place over 1,300 nautical miles (nm) from any of their patrol assets or shore facilities using an interceptor.

We’re working to fill this critical gap and we’re now fundraising for the next generation of interceptors, known as the Over The Horizon Long Range Anti-Poaching Vessel (OTH-LRAPV). This interceptor will reach an astonishing unrefueled range of over 1,800 nautical miles. Compare that to a Damen or Humber Rhib with a 200 to 500 nautical mile range with 10% reserve. The OTH-LRAPV is far more superior in the task of intercepting and stopping illegal fishing and whaling vessels. 

The image below presents the range of a typical small boat, marked in the image with a (yellow line). The (red line) presents the range of the OTH-LRAPV’s we’re fundraising for, which can reach incredible ranges and be operated without a human crew on-board if required. 


An image depicting the actual range of a Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd interceptor (Shown in Yellow) versus the actual range of an IMMCS Interceptor (Shown in Red).

OTH-LRAPV Fundraiser

Learn more about our future interceptor that brings anti-whaling capabilities that are unmatched anywhere in the world today. Your action today can save lives far into the future.

112 Novato Dr. Vacaville, Ca 95688, USA | [email protected]

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