We are a global leader dedicated to ending poaching and advancing wildlife conservation

Founded in 2015 the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society (IMMCS) has a structured military-like organizational approach to marine and land conservation.

The International Marine Mammal Conservation Society is a global non-profit marine conservation and anti-poaching organization, aiming to preserve and protect marine habitats and wildlife through research, rescue, rehabilitation & release, education, advanced technology, and direct action.

We take on a law enforcement role by obstructing poaching on land and at sea through advanced tactics and capabilities.

Our Mission

We work around the globe to protect wildlife on land and at sea by engaging poachers directly through a military style approach. We work to further wildlife conservation and understanding and to engage communities where we operate.

Our Operations

We use advanced technology, tactical campaign planning and even simulation tools, systems research & procurement programs and employ former military to disrupt poachers and lead field operations.

Our Values

We believe in urgent, overwhelming direct action, extreme innovation, and the necessity to ensure wherever we fly, sail and operate — that the poaching stops.

What we do

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Years of
We've been operating since 2015 defending marine wildlife and ensuring wherever our units fly, sail and operate - the poaching stops!
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Our global campaigns can reach anywhere in the world. We fight to end poaching and conserve their habitats in over 120 countries.
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We have many projects that we undertake every year to further anti-poaching efforts, wildlife conservation and education around the world.
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Over Five Thousand
We have over 5,000 supporters who believe in our mission. We look forward to having you apart of our mission to protect wildlife and ecosystems worldwide.


112 Novato Dr. Vacaville, Ca 95688, USA | [email protected]

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