We’re an organization built on the premise that we can stop poaching anytime, anywhere.

Why the M/V Barracuda?

The 'M/V Barracuda' High Speed Anti-Poaching Vessel.


We can build the M/V Barracuda


We're giving our supporters the ability to fund-raise for IMMCS, this shows that we are offering other people the opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission to defend biodiversity worldwide.


Our campaigns are supported by volunteers, people just like you. People with passion and action ingrained in their blood. Join our campaigns and share your love for whales, dolphins, sea turtles and more.

Work With Us

Follow your passion and commitment to protect our planet and its vital ecosystems. Meet new like-minded people, explore different areas of campaigning or become apart of the team.


Our volunteers take on a law enforcement role, enforcing the United Nations World Charter For Nature by obstructing poaching on land and at sea by mobilizing the power of former military members, commanders, volunteers, donors and custom enforcement vessels and tools to win against poachers today, tomorrow and all the days to follow.

We are fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started, to increase our scope of operations and achieve our vision. 

The road has not been easy, but if it was easy someone else would be doing it and not IMMCS. We do not conform to the rules others set or define. 

Image: The New IMMCS Logo as of July 5th, 2021

Donate to the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society

Since 2015, we’ve led anti-whaling campaigns in Norway and devised the most innovative marine anti-poaching capabilities. Now we’re preparing to build a ship that can remain at sea for 365 days (one year) without refueling or using fuel during that time period.

Resource Allocation

  • Campaigns: 70%
  • Research & Development: 5%
  • Fundraising: 15%
  • Legal and Admin: 5%
  • Reserve & GFEF: 5%

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You can also text your donation amount to +1 (877) 216-2084. 

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International Marine Mammal Conservation Society

You can donate through text now . Text your donation amount to +1 (877) 216-2084.

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Get in-depth news from our latest campaigns, events, and about the most pressing issues our planet faces.